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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Righteous pen

The Frank Lloyd Wright pens I ordered arrived today. When I was in Chicago in June I made a trip out to the suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, where I saw the FLW floaty. It was in the gift shop at his home and studio (detail of home pictured below). I went on a tour of the house and I forgot to return to the shop for a pen before I left.

At least, I think I forgot.

I phoned the Shopwright store last week to order a few pens (extras for fellow collectors). When the pens arrived by mail today I noticed the quality of the image is not great and I wondered if I had subconsciously decided not to buy one.

It's got both Robie House (pictured below) and his Home and Studio on it. The Chicago skyline is in the background.

Still, it's great to have an FLW pen to add to the collection.

I think I'll keep the black one and give away the white and red ones.

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