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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Undesirable floaty pens

Here is a surreptitious snapshot of a container of pens in a shop on Carnaby Street in London. The pens are exactly the type the world does not need. They are not made in Denmark by the Eskesen company. It is impossible to tell where they are made because it is not stamped anywhere on the pens. They are not well made and the pictures aren't very good. The stuff inside doesn't float very well.

Companies in England apparently do not have to state where a product originates, unlike in Canada where it is obligatory. This same type of pen is sold in most tourist shops. It makes me wonder if all the tourist shops are owned by the same company.

At any rate, it is very odd. I wouldn't buy any of them anywhere. There seem to be precious few good quality floaty pens in London considering the size of the city and the possible range of designs.

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