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Monday, October 5, 2009

Slight departure from floaty

I bought a Stabilo Bionic Worker pen to try it out.

Quite expensive. Apparently indestructable.

In the UK, it's called a "Builders' pen" because construction workers are called "builders."

I tried it but didn't really like it too much.

I found the texture too rubbery, the grip a bit too thick, don't really like the canary yellow. One thing I really didn't like was that the yellow rubber got very dirty and is difficult to clean. I washed it before taking this picture.

I tried this slightly more stylish Stabilo Bionic pen above, but found that it twists a bit while it's being used, creating a bit of a problem with the design. Parts of the pen are clear, but when it twists around it messes up the symmetry. I also found the paint had started to wear off a bit after not very long. It also has rubber in the black grip area. I don't like the texture.

This pen is a beauty. It's the Pilot G-2 Ex pen. It's grip is a bit rubbery, but more of a plastic feel than the Stabilo Bionic pen. I love the green colour and the silver tip. The ink is wonderful and so is the ink flow. Someone at work gave me a few of them.

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  1. wonderful bog, there is so much I didn't know about floaty pens!